Four benefits of using social media to build a brand

When it comes to succeeding in the modern business world, having a strong brand is vital. If you think of any big companies like Starbucks, which made over $20 billion in 2017, they all have a brand you can instantly recognize. Having a memorable and prominent brand will help you stick in the public mind so they think of you when they need your services. 

But how can you build up this positive brand awareness within business? While there are a few different ways you could go about it, social media is the major one many now use. 

Benefits of using social media when brand building

Social media is widely used by businesses to help market their products or services. Here are some of the benefits using this medium provides in building your brand.

  • Global reach – social media is now a global phenomenon. A massive 1.4 billion users log into Facebook every day! That shows that it not only reaches into every corner of the world but that it could be very popular with the people to whom you need to promote your brand. Brand building is all about getting your company name and image in front of as many people as possible – social media certainly hits the mark there.
  • Easy to upload videos – one key trend within marketing and building brand awareness currently is video marketing. This sees you create things like Facebook videos to tell people about who you are, what you do and what services or products you offer. People are far more likely to engage with visual content, and because social media makes it so easy to upload videos it can help you tap into a potentially huge market. 
  • Social media is inexpensive – another benefit of using social media when brand building is that it is relatively inexpensive. The platforms themselves are free to sign up with and use in their basic forms, which is a great saving on more traditional ways of doing it like print advertising. 
  • Direct conversations with your target audience – when you are trying to build your brand, talking to the consumers that you are wanting to attract is key. Not only will this help them to remember your brand, but you can also gain valuable feedback on it to improve if needed. You may for example find that everyone hates your logo or simply cannot remember it. This kind of direct access to consumers is one of the vital benefits of using social media in this way.

Social media can help your brand fly 

There is no doubt that the sheer scale and popularity of the major social media platforms makes them ideal for building a brand. When you add in the flexibility to upload photo’s and video content along with written information then it gets even better. As more and more people hang out on social media and engage with visual content, then it makes sense for you to be there too. 


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