Fair Harbor Swim Trunks Review – Are They Legit?


Since there is never enough swimwear products, time for our Fair Harbor swim trunks review. People just keep looking for new ones, and designers won’t stop innovating with their ideas. It’s not only about comfort, fashion, price, etc., but also about the environmental effects of the product. People are now more aware of the ocean and how humans have been polluting it. Besides, if you have never worn a comfortable piece of beachwear, then it’s to change that.

To help you with that, I am going to write my review of Fair Harbor. Fair Harbor is marketed as a sustainable swimwear brand that is dedicated to keeping our oceans clean and pollution levels low. The way they do it is by minimizing waste by using recycled water bottles to create the beachwear. So there is a lot of recycling involved during the process, and another interesting thing is that they tell you how many bottles they use per garment.

I know that there are plenty of swimwear manufacturers that are trying to do the same. However, Fair Harbor has managed to come out on top for swim trunks when it comes to uniqueness and environmental awareness.

fair harbor swim trunks

My Fair Harbor Swim Trunks Review

Let’s dive into our Fair Harbor swim trunks review. The end results are rather amazing. Don’t let the plastic bottles fool you because they did a great job recycling them. The beachwear from Fair Harbor is comfortable to wear. And it’s not just me, but many other people have felt the same. Fair Harbor swim trunks feel amazing to wear, sure, they can be hit or miss, but overall, the reviews have been positive.

People who don’t like Fair Harbor swim trunks always said that the beachwear feels plasticky and doesn’t wash them. Some people have reported seeing loose threads after washing their Fair Harbor swim trunks.

One thing that many people love is the unique compression liner. Most beachwear, especially swimming trunks, have liners that are mesh that looks like a net. That kind of design is great as it dries really fast; however, it is not comfortable as it can feel a little rough. Fair Harbor’s liner is different; it uses a liner similar to the one you can find in athletic shorts. It is smooth and comfortable to wear.

I can say that the best thing about Fair Harbor beachwear is the anti-chafe design, besides being environmentally friendly, of course. This is something that many people appreciate and even love the most about Fair Harbor.

Plenty of colors to choose from

This is another thing that surprises me about Fair Harbor. I didn’t know that they offer so many colors and patterns of swim trunks. Some of the patterns are so bold, like a cloud-like design or art deco print. I have never found any similar pattern from another brand.

The production process of Fair Harbor

From my understanding is that they first collect plastic water bottles from pretty much everywhere. Then, they shred the plastic water bottles, melt and spin the material into yarn. Weave the yarn, and we got the Fair Harbor beachwear. I hope that more manufacturers will follow suit with this and help clean the oceans.

It’s not pure recycled plastic bottles, however, because the company calls the material Breezeknit, which is 10% spandex. The material feels soft to the touch, which is really nice.

Last thoughts on Fair Harbor Swim Trunks

It is great to see a company making great swim trunks that doesn’t shy away from being different. There are many companies out there that claim to care about nature, yet they haven’t done anything to help at all. Fair Harbor beachwear has been proven to be environmentally friendly and still functional and comfortable. Being sustainable is really something that the company cares about.

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