Dayanna Volitich – Why You Should Seek Out a Career As a Digital Nomad

I hadn’t even heard the term digital nomad until my good friend Dayanna Volitich told me about it a couple of years ago. In fat when I actually discovered what a digital nomad was, I couldn’t wait to try and pursue a lifestyle such as this. If you haven’t heard of a digital nomad before, it is essentially someone who is location independent and makes their living from the internet. I have been living this amazing lifestyle for a year and half now and it truly is a wonderful way to live and work. If you want a change, here is why being a digital nomad rocks!


The biggest benefit of this lifestyle is obviously the freedom which it gives you, the freedom to roam anywhere in the world and still be able to work. Since taking on this lifestyle I have visited over 20 countries and I have been able to work the whole time. Of course you are still able to take some time out to enjoy the destination that you are in whilst being able to put in some hours of work when you are able to.

No Asking

Something which I really love about this way of working is that if I want to take a vacation or go to a doctor’s appointment, I don’t have to ask anyone for the time off. In my old office job asking for vacation time was a painful experience and more often than not your dates would be denied. When you live this lifestyle you decide what you do and when, and nobody can tell you otherwise.


I used to commute an hour and half to and from work each day in my old job, three hours of doing nothing but traveling from A to B. When you break it down, that was 15 hours per week that I would spend commuting, time which as I am sure you can imagine can be better spent doing other things. Now that I work online I simply need to wake up and get dressed and I can get straight into work, sometimes I even work from my bed in my PJs!


Working in this way means that if you are sick or on vacation, you simply don’t earn and there is nobody that is trying to help you get promoted to the next level. Whilst this could be seen as a negative, I actually believe that it makes me work even harder and smarter, as I know that the amount of money that I make is entirely in my hands. In the old days I used to relax a little at work and perhaps put in less effort than I should but doing so when you work for yourself simply makes no sense and you end up working much more efficiently.

If you are looking for something new, why not try to carve out a living online!

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