20 Cool Things for Your Room – Buyer’s Guide

Who doesn’t know to decorate their room to represent their personality more? Sometimes a room isn’t a room until you personalize it and make it your own.

But sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to start. What furniture should you buy? What décor, color, or pattern should you use? There are so many things to consider and not everyone has the patience to wait.

If you’re struggling with this, don’t worry, I have gathered 20 cool things for your room. This buyer’s guide is aimed to help anyone who wants to make their room more unique and special.

1. Touchless automatic trash can

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Keeping your room clean at all times is important. No one can relax in a filthy and smelly room. And the solution for this problem is a trash can. But how can you make a trash can better? Well, get a touchless automatic one, so you don’t even have to use your hand to use it.

2. Kindle Oasis

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Reading a book in your room is one of the best relaxing methods anyone can do. Simply chilling in your room and reading the best book you can find is bliss. A Kindle Oasis can help you to relax even more. This e-reader is awesome – it doesn’t make your eyes tired, and you can store as many books as you want.

3. Anti-snore pillow

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Snoring is bad for your health and sleep quality. Even worse when you’re sleeping together with your partner. Just imagine what your partner is thinking while listening to your snoring all night long? If you snore while your sleep, then you need to get an anti-snore pillow ASAP.

4. Mini video projector

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Watching a movie while laying on your bed is just awesome. But, setting up a TV, computer, or anything else can be a pain, especially when you have limited space to work with. With a mini video projector, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Just put it on a desk or bed and enjoy your movie.

5. Air purifier

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Cleaning up the air in your room is important for your health, especially while you’re asleep. With an air purifier bought from homedics, you won’t have to worry about dust, pet dander, unpleasant smells, or pollens anymore. Air purifiers nowadays work without using much electricity at all and are very effective at cleaning up the air.

6. Portable mini fridge

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Watching a movie or reading a book while laying on a bed? Awesome, now let’s make it better by drinking your favorite beverages. But, getting off your bed and walking to the kitchen could ruin the mood. Just get a portable mini fridge, so you don’t even have to go anywhere to get your drinks or snacks.

7. Glow in the dark stickers

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Do you want to sleep as if you’re sleeping under the stars at night? Now you can experience that by using glow-in-the-dark stickers. Put them on the ceiling and the walls in your room and turn off the lights. Enjoy the starry ceiling and walls in your bedroom every night.

8. Aromatic alarm clock and oil diffuser

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Need an aromatic oil diffuser and alarm clock? Why not get something that can be two of those things at the same time? Many people get diffusers and humidifiers confused, diffusers are used with essential oils, whereas humidifiers generally are not. That subtle difference makes it clear why a diffuser alarm clock makes so much more sense than the humidifier alternative. So now you can enjoy the aromatherapy oil diffuser and have an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning, perfect!

9. Spiral LED bedside table lamp

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Sometimes a unique-shaped lamp is what you need. This spiral LED bedside table lamp looks interesting and brings a modern look to your bedroom. There are three different light colors that you can choose as well.

10. 3D moon lamp

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Want a modern lamp that looks like a moon? Well, now you got one. The moon looks incredible as well. The quality of this lamp is really and will look great in your room.

11. Edison lamp

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If you want something a bit different and rustic, this Edison lamp might be what you’re looking for. I really love the exposed hanging light bulb and the wrought iron stand.

12. LED string curtain lights

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Perhaps your room needs a bright and dreamy touch that could calm you down and help you relax. Now you can get that by installing these colorful lights. You can get ones with colors matching your room and installing them should be pretty easy.

13. Lily jewelry stand

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This jewelry stand is beautiful and of course, useful. If you’re looking for a unique jewelry holder, look no further than a lily jewelry stand. It is also available in various colors, such as gold, silver, and bronze.

14. Wall mount

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Sometimes you got to make do with the space that you have and a wall mount like this is very useful. Clothes, bags, and jackets that are scattered on the floor will make your room look dirty. Simply hang this on an open space on your wall, and you won’t see scattered stuff on the floor again.

15. Ceramic photo stand

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Do you want to show your favorite pictures uniquely and tired of the usual photo frames? Try this ceramic photo stand. These stands can be placed on top of your drawer, and they look really cute. Then you simply put your picture into the slid, in the middle of the stand.

16. Bed shelfie

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I absolutely love these bed shelfies. They’re so useful and quite sturdy enough to hold a bunch of stuff. You can put your drink on early in the morning or a book to encourage you to read before going to sleep. These bed shelfies also come in different colors, so you can get one that matches your room or bed.

17. Satin pillowcase

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If you’re looking for a pillowcase with a lot of benefits, then you should get a satin pillowcase. Besides all the benefits that this pillowcase offers, it looks elegant and feels very smooth. Your hair would love to lay on this pillowcase.

18. Multiple USB charging station

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If you have multiple gadgets, get one of these multiple USB charging stations for more convenience. This kind of charging station usually has five slots. One tool to charge all your devices. And you can bring it with you since it’s pretty small.

19. Smartphone and tablet holder

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Speaking of gadgets, holding them up with your hands as you lie down can be a pain. So why not get one of these smartphone and tablet holders? No more tired hands and other inconveniences, strap it around your neck or place it on your bed as a stand and you’re free to enjoy your gadget.

20. Hanging hammock

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For an ultimate endgame of comfiness, you should get this hanging hammock. If you have the room for it, this hanging hammock will make you love chilling in your room. From reading a book, listening to music, to simply playing a video game, a hanging hammock will enhance your relaxing time in the room.

Closing words

Decorating and personalizing your room is one of the best things you can do to improve it. If you do it right people will be amazed at how cool your room is. And even more important is that you feel good looking at and being inside your room.


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