Berlin is easily one of the hippest places as destinations go in Europe, as its cheap rents and open attitudes towards artistic expression have long attracted creatives from across Europe and from around the world.

With all these creators in one place comes tremendous demand for coffee shops, as the caffeinated beverages they produce act as jet fuel for their endeavours.

In order to earn repeat business, the concepts of these establishments are varied, leading to some unbelievably hip spots.

If you are stuck when it comes to choosing cool coffee shops in Berlin for your upcoming visit, we are more than happy to suggest sev4rral of our personal favorites below – be sure to check them out! 

1) Jubel

Want to take part in Germany’s treasured Kaffee und Kuchen tradition? There is no better place to do this in Berlin than at Jubel.

Renowned by locals for its rich pastries, it is the perfect spot for those who can’t get enough of homemade cheesecake, cupcakes, and tarts to indulge their sweet tooth in inspired surroundings.

With the delightful smell of some of the best freshly baked treats in town filling this place throughout the day, there is no better place to go if you need to satisfy your sugar fix.

2) House of Small Wonder

Berlin’s coolest cafes aren’t just restricted to European-style patisseries, though, as a quick visit to the House of Small Wonder will reveal.

Attracting a regular local clientele for its unique Japanese spin on American breakfast favorites, this trendy spot is a favored hang out spot for some of Berlin’s best-known fashionistas.

An excellent spot for brunch, first-time visitors will want to try ordering the Homemade Biscuit Benedict. Drenched in a hollandaise sauce spiced with wasabi, this dish will be one of the most pleasant lingering reminders of your visit to Berlin. 

3) Distrikt Coffee

Is enjoying a fancy brunch and an expertly crafted coffee a priority of yours when in Berlin? If you, you’ll love Distrikt Coffee, as their dedication to sourcing ingredients locally means the food used to prepare your meal will be fresher than at other places in the immediate area.

With a chic, industrial décor, Distrikt Coffee oozes the hipster vibe for which Berlin is rightly famous, and with dishes like avocado toast and acai bowls on the menu, this theme is only accentuated within the bounds of this cafe.

4) Silo

Looking for a great cafe with exposed brick walls? If you are a fan of this aesthetic, then you will enjoy spending time at Silo.

Furnished with well-finished wooden furniture and featuring coffee produced by micro roasters, it is an outstanding place to hang out for a few hours while you watch some of Berlin’s most fabulously dressed people saunter by.

The menu here caters to both millennial tastes (try the avocado toast on sourdough bread) and those with more contemporary preferences (their pancakes and bacon with maple syrup is a well-loved favorite), or be sure to come by for breakfast at least once during your visit.

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