7 Reasons to Start Using Training Videos

Training is an essential aspect of business that companies invest in heavily. In the United States, businesses recently invested $92 billion in training their employees, which represented a 12% increase. 

If you’re not thoroughly training your employees, it’s only so much that your business can grow. Conversely, a company that invests heavily in employee training will remain competitive and be better able to generate revenue. Video content is one of the best tools that you can use for training your employees, and we’re happy to show you why. 

Here’s what you should know about training videos and why you should use them in your business. 

1. People Can Learn on Their Own Time

Time is your greatest asset. When you use video training, all of your employees can learn on their own time, rather than having to show up for specific timetables for in-person training. 

When given the option, your employees would likely prefer training videos to in-person instruction. Issue a deadline for your employees to watch the video and undergo any modules, but allow them the flexibility to do it on their own schedule. In a world in which many people are working and learning remotely, it’s on-trend and lets your employees learn in their comfort zone.

2. Training Videos Are Thorough and Effective

You should invest in training videos mostly because they are effective. There’s no guarantee that your employees will master or gain proficiency in any subject through one-time instruction. Training videos are excellent for learner retention and will make sure that every important detail is explained fully and thoroughly. 

A video can break down complex topics and make them simple. A well-done employee training video will include graphics and text in subtle ways that supplement your images and video. Visual content stimulates people’s brains in a different way, and will help visual learners internalize the subject matter. In other words, well-made training videos made by experts, like Explainer Video Sydney, or a similar company, can do a lot more than boring guidebooks or lectures.

3. It’s a Flexible Way to Learn

A classroom setting has its place but can also become static and predictable. Video is universally appealing regardless of a person’s learning style or proclivities. Students can also rewind, fast forward, pause, and rewatch as many times as they want. 

In a classroom, students face the pressure of keeping up with their classmates or being limited to the allotted time.

Instructors also don’t necessarily have time to repeat every fact or concept. Your employees can take video courses as many times as they would like until they feel comfortable with the subject matter and are able to retain the majority of the coursework.

4. Video Has Higher Engagement Rates

Digital marketing and communications have shown us how incredibly important engagement is. This measures how long people are paying attention and interacting with a platform. Video content gets some of the highest engagement rates and is the preferred form of media for most people. 

People today watch roughly 7 hours of video per week, and 66% of people say that it is their primary form of media consumption. This is why YouTube gets 300 hours of video uploaded to its platform every single minute. By producing video content to teach people, they can watch it on any device as long as they have an internet connection. 

People can binge-watch your training videos when they see fit or even go through the coursework while on the go. 

5. Employees Can Train Remotely

Training participation will generally go up when you offer video training opportunities. This is helpful because a large part of the workforce today prefers to work remotely. By not requiring people to be in the office to complete the training, your entire workforce will get up to speed faster and with fewer roadblocks. 

This convenience keeps everyone on the same page and reduces the barriers to employees getting the training and education that they need. 

6. Video Content Is Easily Shareable

When creating video training opportunities, you’re also making it easier for your employees to pass the word along to each other. Video content is among the most shareable, so you can blast out content that everyone can get to on their own time. You’ll also know when your links have been accessed by the people that you send them. 

Having access to this data will help with your decision-making and allow you to increase collaboration and cooperation in your workplace. 

7. Videos Can Be Graded on Effectiveness

Training videos are also helpful because you can always tweak and improve them. If you create your own training video, you can also edit it and add, subtract, or change information. You can get feedback on the video and figure out what works and what doesn’t. From there, you can make changes as needed, and consistently give your employees the best shot of retaining the information and learning the subject matter. 

Talk to some production companies that specialize in putting together training videos and other pieces of content. You can visit 1 Minute Media to see examples of corporate video production that can be used for your training videos. 

Start Using Training Videos in Your Business

These points show you exactly why training videos are a worthwhile tool to have for your company. It’s a must-have tool for any business owner that’s trying to take the company to the next level by starting with high-quality employees. 

We’re your one-stop shop when you need info on creating videos and other forms of employee training that can help your business grow. Use these tips and check out our other articles to learn more about building the best career possible. 


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