Did you know that home lot sizes reduced by roughly 18.3% between 2009 and 2018?

It’s no wonder modern kitchen spaces are so small in single-family homes. And the situation is even worse in apartment buildings.

Learning how to organize a small kitchen has become more critical than ever. Otherwise, you’ll have a cluttered space that doesn’t allow you to move, let alone cook.

Luckily, we have some fantastic storage ideas for small kitchens. Curious to learn what they are? Read on for tips that’ll allow you to make the most of your kitchen.

1. Invest in a Kitchen Island

This sounds silly, right? After all, why would you add a kitchen island to an already small space? But as the saying goes, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

You’d be surprised by how much space a good island can add to your kitchen. Find an island with open-air shelves that are proportional to your space. The open-air shelves will give you more storage room, and the island will add aesthetics to your kitchen.

2. Build Drawers in Usual Spots

Odds are, you’ve never thought about the space between your cabinets and floor. Not to worry – many homeowners have never thought about it.

But, it’d be a great place to store your cutting boards and cooking books. You only need to install a stealthy drawer that tucks below your cabinets.

3. Create Storage Between Your Cabinets and the Ceiling

This is one of the most overlooked small kitchen storage ideas. There’s more space between your upper cabinets and ceiling than you realize. You can build cabinets that go all the way to the top to store your rarely-used appliances.

You can also take advantage of the space between your fridge and ceiling to store your cooking books. Of course, you may need to invest in a step stool to be able to reach some items.

4. Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are more practical in small kitchens than traditional cabinets. They’ll make your space look less cluttered and provide more kitchen storage.

You can install hooks under your floating shelves to store coffee mugs. Granted, removing your cabinets and replacing them with shelves can be expensive. But, it’s a worthwhile investment.

5. Invest in a Console

Your kitchen table takes up a lot of usable kitchen space. So, change things up and invest in a console instead of the traditional table.

Use the console to create a bar-like setting in your kitchen. That’ll make your kitchen stand out from the rest and leave you with more kitchen storage space.

6. Contain Everything

This is one of the most effective cheap kitchen organization ideas. Buying storage containers will save you space and improve your kitchen’s aesthetics. Ensure you label all your containers for an easier time in the kitchen.

7. Rent a Storage Unit

Sometimes, you need to declutter your kitchen to create space. If you have appliances that you no longer use, consider renting a storage unit from Kingston Ideal Storage. That’ll leave you with room to store the items you use daily.

Implement These Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

These storage ideas for small kitchens will declutter your kitchen space. Luckily, we’ve looked at ideas suitable for all budgets.

You can install floating shelves if you have a huge budget. Or, you can use the space between your cabinets and the ceiling if you’re looking for a cheap option.

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