5 Benefits of Using Two-Way Radios for Your Business

Are you wondering if walkie talkies are right for your business? Click here for five benefits of using two-way radios for your business.

The success of many businesses hinges on communication. 

85% of employees say they use multiple devices for communication in the workplace. Some industries – retail, construction, security – need constant communication in order to work effectively. In these scenarios, specialty communication devices are a necessary part of the job.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the benefits of two-way radios. Although we have smartphones in our pockets at all times, there are certain things that walkie talkies can simply do better. Keep reading, and you’ll understand how two-way radios can benefit your business.

1. Instant Communication

With walkie talkies, you have instant professional communication with anyone dialed into the right frequency. If you need to contact someone nearby, you can get their attention immediately with the click of a button.

This instant call-and-response can improve productivity in a variety of workplaces, from retail to event management. 

2. Cost-Effective

Purchasing company cell phones is expensive. Not only are the units themselves expensive, but you also have to pay for monthly cell service that your employees may or may not use.

By purchasing two-way radios in lieu of cell phones, you’re getting a much more cost-effective option that employees can use at work and nowhere else. A set of walkie talkies might be a few hundred dollars, while the same number of cell phones would run you deep into the thousands.

3. Works in Remote Locations

Two-way radios are also reliable in remote locations where cell service might not exist stably. They rely on their own system of communication, not the cell towers.

If you’re on a job in the middle of nowhere, two-way radios will enable seamless communication. You can go here to discover more on two-way radios and how they function in different environments.

4. Safe and Secure

An underrated perk of having two-way radios at your business is that they’re far less liable to experience disruptions or security breaches. How many times have you heard of a cell blackout that affects thousands of individuals and businesses? It happens all the time.

With fewer breaches, there’s far less downtime. This makes them better suited for emergency situations in addition to day-to-day on-site use for small businesses.

5. Durability

No matter what make or model of walkie talkie that you opt for, you’ll be able to find something that is durable and well-made. They can take a beating and work well in various types of weather that might cause a cell phone to stop working.

There are loads of communication radio options available for whatever application. In addition, there are various accessories that you can buy to enhance your experience with your two-way radios.

Find the Best Two-Way Radios

Now that you know what benefits you’ll see when you start using two-way radios, you can search for the best ones for your business. There are lots to choose from, so try out a few models and talk to a specialist about the pros and cons of each. Let your two-way radios revolutionize the way your business communicates.

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