4 Reasons To Never Ignore Dental Pain


Toothaches can range from a dull sensation to the most excruciating pain. Pain indicates something isn’t

right, but for some reason, people neglect to see a dentist until the very last minute. Here are four

reasons you should never ignore even the most minor dental pain:

1. To Catch Decay Early

One of the most common reasons for dental pain, especially in children, is decay. Fortunately, cavities

are quick, easy, and painless to repair. Plus, with today’s tooth-colored composite fillings, no one will

notice you’ve had dental work. That said, you shouldn’t be afraid of the dentist!

2. To Stop an Infection

Dental infections, or abscesses, are often characterized by swelling and pain—from mild to unbearable. A

dental abscess needs to be treated quickly to avoid the spread of infection and damage to the underlying

bone. After a course of antibiotics, you’ll need either a root canal or an extraction, both of which are

painless with modern dentistry.

3. To Prevent Gum Disease

Mouth pain can eminate from your teeth and also the gums. If you’re experiencing bleeding or

sensitivity in your gums, call your dentist immediately. Bleeding and tender gums could be a sign of

periodontitis—or gum disease—which can be reversed if caught early enough.

4. To Avoid Future Expenses

Ignoring dental pain is not only uncomfortable but can also make an easy-to-fix situation a more

complicated, expensive one. For example, fixing a small cavity now can prevent a future root canal and

crown. Dental issues can develop and change quickly, so call your dentist at the first sign of trouble.

Nobody likes having dental problems, but putting off a visit to the dentist is a mistake. Catching problems

now will help you avoid pain and expense in the future.

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